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Mission Statement

  • To provide a community via the society for people with an interest in all aspects of herpetology both experienced and novice based in East Sussex:-

  • a) To share information on the subject of reptile and amphibian husbandry.

    b) To share their passion for these amazing animals.

  • To promote exotics as 'companion animals'.

  • To help with the education of those not familiar so as not to lead to fear of these animals.

  • To promote the hobby by demonstrating 'best practices' when displaying these animals.

  • To improve and uphold the standards of welfare within the herpetological community, through stringent practise of good husbandry, breeding, trading and education.

  • To promote the welfare of reptiles and amphibians within the community.

  • To be a valid organisation for the benefit of the hobby.

  • To host events and meetings within the county of East Sussex.